So I drank the Kool Aid y’all…

I love Instagram and sharing my life and profession in pictures, but sometimes my brain vom just spills out and there isn’t enough room there for everything I want to say. I get it though, Who even does a blog anymore right? Well, I am bitch. I have products and things I like that I wish someone had told me about when I started running. I have tips and videos, pictures, all kinds of things that are IMPOTANTE for both typical size athletes and non typical size athletes that I WISH… I wish… I had known. I mean, some of it I did know, because it’s my job. I’m an exercise physiologist. Knowing how the human body works during exercise is literally what I do. So… here we go. Wheeeeeeee…… #chunkythighsruntheworld

Get up, take a step. Now take another, now go a little faster. Now a little faster. Yep… you too are a runner now. – Me